Prep: 5 minutes | Container: 400 ml Power Nutri Bowl | Makes: 1 serving


  • Almond milk
  • 1 packet (100 ml) açaí puree, slightly thawed, cut in quarters
  • Frozen mixed berries
  • Sweetener of choice, as desired


  1. Pour almond milk into the 400 ml Power Nutri Bowl, filling to the Liquid Fill line.
  2. Add quartered açaí puree and frozen mixed berries and sweetener (optional) up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line. Install the blade assembly.
  3. Select BOWL, then twist the Power Paddle counterclockwise continuously while blending until program is complete.
  4. Remove blades from bowl after blending.
  5. Decorate with toppings of your choice and serve.

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